Location:                     Law Enforcement Center/Belcourt, ND

Supervisor:                 Chief of Police

Salary:                         Will be based on years of service according to General Schedule (GS) Base Pay scale comparable to a BIA police officer position.

Opening Date:                        Until Filled                    Closing Date:  Until Filled

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Will be working under BIA Indian Highway Safety Program Grant to help reach program goals/objectives for Fiscal Year 2018.
  • As a Traffic Safety/Highway police officer on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation subject to the criminal jurisdiction of the Federal, State and non-Indians, performs a wide range of police duties recognized as requiring fully developed police knowledge and skills.
  • Responds to calls concerning traffic safety; drug enforcement and emergencies such as traffic accidents, etc.
  • Where serious crimes or personal injury traffic accidents and drug related cases are involved, determines necessary actions, notifies appropriate authorities, safeguards scenes, preserves evidence, identifies and obtains information from witnesses, and develops preliminary investigative leads.
  • Makes arrests in cases of crimes or misdemeanors personally witnessed; takes persons arrested before appropriate authority for booking or formal charging; serves Federal, State, local or tribal warrants, subpoenas and other court papers; testifies at hearings and trials as an expert witness in Federal, State, County or Tribal Courts as required; and prepares and submits reports of incidents or traffic accidents, daily and weekly activities, and narrative and statistical reports as required.
  • Increase traffic patrols for speed and all other moving violations.
  • Provide not less than two (2) educational presentations to community members and school children on the effects of impaired driving and safety belts annually.
  • Conduct checkpoints and high visibility saturation patrols.
  • Conduct or participate in not less than nine (9) checkpoints and/or saturation patrols annually.
  • Complete training in SFST, radar, and saturation patrol and checkpoint methods.
  • Track number of traffic citations, seat belt citations, DUI’s, number of checkpoints, saturation patrols and number of injury and fatality crashes. Submit daily logs, timesheets, leave slips, and other needed documentation to the Project Coordinator for submission of Monthly reports by the seventh (7th) of each month.


  • To reduce the number of motor vehicle fatalities by20% from the FY16 number of 5 to 4 by the end of FY18.
  • To reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes by 29% from the FY16 number of 104 to 85 by the end of FY18.
  • To increase the number of DUI arrests by 7% from the FY16 number of 127 to 136 by the end of FY18.
  • To increase the number of traffic citations (excluding speed and DUI) by 10% from FY16 number of 807 to 888 by the end of FY18.


  • Knowledge of the body of laws, regulations, precedents, policies, and principals, operational activities and techniques of law enforcement activities, and constitutional rights of individuals
  • and statutory authorities sufficient to recognize violations of laws, apprehend violators, and makes proper arrests.
  • Skills in obtaining information through questioning of individuals, searching records and use of other means to locate and apprehend suspected violators.
  • Knowledge of proper law enforcement procedures, including methods of searching, seizing, arresting and self-defense.
  • Thorough and complete understanding of the applicable Federal, State and Tribal laws and customs; jurisdiction laws and laws applicable to specific areas, incidents and individuals.
  • Thorough knowledge of the constitutional protections afforded individual including rules concerning search, seizure, questioning or arrest; the difference between felonies and misdemeanors and between criminal and civil infractions; and the procedures for handling suspects.
  • Knowledge of the basic principal techniques of investigating and skill in conducting interviews, recognizing, collecting, and preserving evidence; detecting discrepancies in information; dealing with emergency situations; and preparing reports.
  • Thorough knowledge of first aid, including CPR and the use of first aid equipment.
  • Skill in the use of firearms, radio equipment, vehicle and other specialized devices to perform required functions regarding law enforcement.
  • Must be capable and competent driver with a good driving record, and must possess a valid North Dakota Driver’s License.
  • Must pass a certified psychological evaluation test to maintain employment.
  • Willing to sign a release to successfully pass criminal investigation and a background check at time of employment.
  • Must be willing to attend and successfully pass basic law academy upon hire.

The Funding for academy will be through the TMBCI.

  • All other duties as assigned relating to law enforcement.

How to apply:         (Submit completed application to):

            Personnel Department

            Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa

            P.O. Box 900

            Belcourt, ND 58316

Also submit a copy of transcript and/or copy diploma of degree attained and training certificates, background check, Indian Preference, etc. (if applied).  Points in screening will be given only for documentation attached.

For more information please contact Elaine Nadeau, Lori Monette, or Mary Charbonneau, Carie Azure at 701-477-2600.

The Human Resource Staff will not be responsible for incomplete applications

Indian Preference Statement

Candidates for employment or career advances shall be hired, trained, and promoted without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or personal, political or religious beliefs.  However, preference shall be given in hiring in the following order between equally qualified candidates who are:

  1. Enrolled Member Veteran (10 points to be given to enrolled member veterans in screening process as follow: (see definitions)
  2. Enrolled member
  3. Other Tribal Member veterans
  4. Other Tribal Members

Veteran Preference

Veterans and eligible spouses of deceased will receive special consideration for initial appointments for all positions being filled by the TMBCI.  The intent of this policy is to promote and bring deserved services and benefits to our veterans for the personal sacrifices they have made.  To be considered for a preferential treatment under this policy, candidate(s) must submit copies of verification documents to Personnel Office along with the employment application for eligibility determination purposes.  An acceptable verification document is the discharge of transfer report form DD214.

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