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 Position:                                 Outreach Nurse (RN)

Job Classification:                  Regular Full-time

Salary:                                      $32.00

Department:                           Tribal Aging Agency

Location:                                Belcourt

Supervisor:                             Program Director

Opening Date:                        August 5, 2022                       

Closing Date:                         August 19, 2022


To provide nursing expertise in the planning and delivery of health-related assistance to elders living in Rolette County and conduct Target Case Management assessments for Medicaid eligible clients. Will promote healthy living through client education, referrals, and services as appropriate.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  •  Assist with planning and implementation of the “Turtle Mountain Aging Agency” (TMAA) project under the direction of the program manager;
  • Meet with Program Manager and TMAA team each week to plan activities to meet project objectives and to review progress towards goals during the previous week;
  • Assess holistic health needs (physical, social, emotional, spiritual) of elders and people with disabilities when making regularly scheduled home visits;
  • Develop a complete referral process, including documentation, follow-up, and outcomes;
  • Make appropriate referrals internally and externally to meet elder health needs with programs in the
  • Tribal, local, regional system of services for elders (and people with disabilities);
  • Accept referrals from other personnel/programs for a nursing assessment of an eider’s situation/health condition and then follow-through with the established MACF referral process;
  • Develop strong referral networks with Tribal/ local/ regional programs that serve elders (and people with disabilities) through a range of services;
  • Assist other staff in appropriately identifying needs for referrals and in following the complete referral process & documentation (for example, with housing, social services, transportation, clinic appointments, Tribal Health, etc.);
  • Evaluate outcomes of referrals and/or provision of services through additional home visits and scheduled follow-up as needed;
  • Advocate and work with available programs/personnel to assist elders who are unable to obtain needed assistance with their physical, social, emotional health challenges;
  • Assess elders who may be at risk for illness;
  • Assess elders who may be at risk for any form of elder-abuse and consult directly with program supervisors to make a plan for appropriate protections, referrals and follow-up;
  • Develop and implement an ongoing plan for assisting elders to manage their chronic health problems, in order to safely “age in place” for as long as possible
  • Document all client encounters, maintain accurate data files, and prepare weekly report of activities to discuss with Program Coordinator;
  • Submit monthly reports to supervisor that document outcomes related to activities and meeting of project goals; and/or programs as approved by supervisors;
  • Assist with training of outreach workers as requested by supervisor in specific elder health topics;
  • Assist elders to access insurance programs for which they are eligible, such as Medicaid, Medicare, VA
  • Assist supervisor and project staff during planning sessions, for implementation of project activities with program staff
  • Collaborate with supervisor to plan for specific health care services in the home setting, which are allowed to be performed by an RN working in a state-approved QSP Agency
  • Knowledge & respect for communities, culture, & traditions ofTurtle Mountain Tribe.
  • Strong physical and social assessment skills, especially for the elder population
  • Strong knowledge of chronic health conditions among elders
  • Strong care-planning skills
  • Strong knowledge of the health care system, health programs, and insurance programs
  • Commitment to health promotion/disease prevention among elder population
  • Strong verbal & written communication skills
  • Competency in documentation skills and responsibility in maintaining accurate records
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills and ability to network effectively with other programs that serve elders
  • Willingness to work closely with outreach staff
  • Ability to teach selected assessment skills for outreach staff
  • Ability to work independently & with a team
  • Knowledge of Tribal policies and procedures
  • Current CPR certification and HIPPA training
  • All other duties as assigned by Supervisor.


  • Preferred Registered Nurse Degree w/ current active North Dakota RN License.
  • If a Registered Nurse Degree level nurse position cannot be filled, an Associate Degree (2 year) Registered Nurse will be considered (salary adjusted) •
  • 5 years of professional nursing experience, geriatric experience preferred
  • Must have a valid ND Driver’s License.
  • Must provide proof of vehicle insurance.
  • Must possess a high level of confidentiality.

How to apply:         (Submit completed application to)


Personnel Department

Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa

P.O. Box 900

Belcourt, ND 58316


  For more information please contact Elaine Nadeau, Lori Monette, or Jarvis Decoteau at 701-477-2600.

 The Human Resource Staff will not be responsible for incomplete applications

 Indian Preference Statement

 Candidates for employment or career advances shall be hired, trained, and promoted without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or personal, political or religious beliefs.  However, preference shall be given in hiring in the following order between equally qualified candidates who are:


  1. Enrolled Member Veteran (10 points to be given to enrolled member veterans in screening process as follow: (see definitions)
  2. Enrolled member
  3. Other Tribal Member veterans
  4. Other Tribal Members

Veteran Preference

 Veterans and eligible spouses of deceased will receive special consideration for initial appointments for all positions being filled by the TMBCI.  The intent of this policy is to promote and bring deserved services and benefits to our veterans for the personal sacrifices they have made.  To be considered for a preferential treatment under this policy, candidate(s) must submit copies of verification documents to Personnel Office along with the employment application for eligibility determination purposes.  An acceptable verification document is the discharge of transfer report form DD214.










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