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Job Classification:                 Regular Full-time

Salary:                                     $16.00 + mileage

Department:                           Turtle Mountain Tribal Court

Location:                                 Turtle Mountain Tribal Court

Supervisor:                             Chief Clerk of Court

Opening Date:                        January 17, 2023                       Closing Date:    January 30, 2023

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Adhering to Oath of Confidentiality at all times on/off the job.
  • Adhering to the Tribal Code, Constitution, Court Rules, Court Procedures and the Clerk’s Code of Conduct and Ethics.
  • Acknowledging and adhering to the internal Chain of Command including but not limited to any and all requirements under the Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • Maintaining the integrity and professionalism of the Court by conducting themselves in a manner becoming of an officer of this Court.
  • Must become certified in any and all TAP and/or data entity training.
  • Must be able to type with speed and accuracy.
  • Responsible for accurately typing all data into Kiosk for protection orders/restraining orders/injunctions.
  • Responsible for accurately typing all data as directed by supervisor.
  • Adhering to and understanding the Turtle Mountain Domestic Violence Code and any and all related laws.
  • Ensuring filings are in compliance with the Tribal Code, Tribal Court Procedures and Rules.
  • Maintaining the Court’s files as directed by supervisor.
  • Responsible for entering data and maintaining current information into required electronic systems of the Tribal Court.
  • Managing phone requests pertaining to data entry.
  • Complete quarterly and annual statistical reports as directed by supervisor.
  • Will work collaboratively with the Turtle Mountain Law Enforcement Agency and other agencies to ensure timely entity of protection orders/restraining orders, criminal offense(s).
  • Will use copying machines, calculators, fax machines, computers, and other office equipment on a daily basis.
  • May require work beyond regular business hours.
  • Must submit to random drug testing
  • All other duties as assigned by Supervisor.
  • Responsible to have reliable transportation.


  • Must possess a 2-year related degree and 2-year secretarial/judicial experience.
  • Have never been convicted of any family violence charges, or have never been convicted of any felonies.
  • Must pass a Federal, State, and Tribal background check.
  • Must have a valid ND Driver’s License.
  • Must provide proof of vehicle insurance.
  • Must pass drug test, if selected for position and random drug testing thereafter.
  • Must possess a high level of confidentiality.
  • Must be physically able to sit for long periods of time.
  • Must be familiar with various forms of computer software including Microsoft Word,
  • Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.
  • Must possess a high level of professionalism and abide by the Code of Ethics for Court
  • Must have interpersonal communication skills.
  • Must pass random drug testing.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with the general public.
  • Must be able to attend local and out-of-state training as directed by Supervisor.
  • Ability to manage job related stress in a professional manner.

Physical Demands:

  • Must type with speed and accuracy.
  • Must be able to sit for extended periods.
  • Normal manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination.
  • Corrected hearing and vision to normal range.

How to apply:         (Submit completed application to):


Personnel Department

Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa

P.O. Box 900

Belcourt, ND 58316


 For more information please contact Elaine Nadeau, Lori Monette, or Jarvis Decoteau at 701-477-2600.

 The Human Resource Staff will not be responsible for incomplete applications

 Indian Preference Statement

Candidates for employment or career advances shall be hired, trained, and promoted without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or personal, political or religious beliefs.  However, preference shall be given in hiring in the following order between equally qualified candidates who are:


  1. Enrolled Member Veteran (10 points to be given to enrolled member veterans in screening process as follow: (see definitions)
  2. Enrolled member
  3. Other Tribal Member veterans
  4. Other Tribal Members

Veteran Preference

Veterans and eligible spouses of deceased will receive special consideration for initial appointments for all positions being filled by the TMBCI.  The intent of this policy is to promote and bring deserved services and benefits to our veterans for the personal sacrifices they have made.  To be considered for a preferential treatment under this policy, candidate(s) must submit copies of verification documents to Personnel Office along with the employment application for eligibility determination purposes.  An acceptable verification document is the discharge of transfer report form DD214.























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