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Get Your Tribal Photo ID Today

The Tribal Photo ID now has the option of becoming an Organ Donor! 

Thanks to the ‘Greyson Initiative’, the Turtle Mountain Tribe becomes the first Sovereign Nation to show organ donor status on our Tribal ID’s.

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Local Events

Bereavement Benefit Assistance

TM-ARPA Emergency Quarantine Basket

Tribal Prosecutor

human resource application without letterhead Employment Classifications:   Full-time Regular Supervision:                            Tribal Attorney and Chairman Salary:                                     $24.00 - $30.00 (depending on experience) Opening Date:...

Sanitation Ground Operator

human resource application without letterhead Job Classification:                 Regular-Full Time Salary:                                    $14.00 Location:                                Transfer Station Supervisor:                             Solid Waste Director...

Public Notice

The Bureau of Trust Funds Administration may be looking for you.  If your name or someone you know is on this Whereabouts Unknown List you have money, land or both on deposit in an Individual Indian Monies (IIM) account at the Bureau of Trust Funds Administration.   Please call the Bureau of Trust Funds Administration Trust Beneficiary Call Center 1-888-678-6836 to update the account.

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Stream KEYA 88.5 Live

K.E.Y.A. Radio is excited to announce that you can now stream your favorite local radio station online!

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Public Comment

Adopt Park Plan for Sky Chief Park

The proposed plan of Sky Chief Master Park Plan for the areas in and around Gordon Lake area to make it safe and useable for recreational purposes. If there are any questions, please contact the Natural Resource Dept. at 477-2640. They will set up a public presentation to review and discuss the proposed plan at a later date.

Title 25.0213. Tribal Gaming Code

The Tribe is proposing to amend Title 25, Section 25.0213 of the Tribal Gaming Code striking number 8c which states: “Play in tournaments when the casino contributes to the prize money”.

The proposed amendments are being placed out for a thirty (30) day comment period.

Title 1. Criminal Procedure Code

The Tribe is proposing to amend revisions to Title 1. Criminal Procedure Code, to provide for changes to complaints to add additional specificity because the federal court system ruled our provisions too vague to attach jeopardy as shown on the attached documentation.

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