Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa

Belcourt, North Dakota

Ayaan Mino Giizhiig

2022 Tribal Elections

Primary Election Absentee: October 8th

Primary Election: October 11th, 2022

Letter of Intent

Sign up dates are from

August 15th through August 19th
8 am to 6 pm

@ the Derrik Dixon Event Center

Election Board

Chair: Michael Day 550-1711

District 1 Representative: Jon Belgarde 550-2553

District 2 Representative: Wanda Laducer 278-3617

District 3 Representative: Ron Wilkie Jr. 278-1492

District 4 Representative: Marina Beston 389-2970

Positions up for Election

Tribal Chairman
Tribal Council District Representatives 1,2,3,4

Chief Judge
Chief Clerk of Court
Judicial Board District Representatives 1,2,3,4




Small Business Assistance Program

Click here to download a Small Business Assistance Application

Email completed forms and attachments to:

Bereavement Benefit Assistance

TM-ARPA Emergency Quarantine Basket

Job Opportunities

Tribal Construction Office Administrator

human resource application without letterhead Classification:             Regular Full-Time Location:                    Turtle Mountain Tribal Office Supervisor:                 Tribal Construction Officer Department:               Tribal Construction Department...

Teacher (1) Substitute

human resource application without letterhead Job Classification:     As needed Salary:                         $16.00 without bachelor’s degree, with bachelors will be negotiated Location:                    Head Start (St. John, Belcourt, Dunseith)...


human resource application without letterhead Job Classification:                 Permanent/Regular-Full Time Salary:                                    $16.00 without bachelor’s degree, with bachelors will be negotiated Location:                                Head...

Plumber Assistant

human resource application without letterhead Job Classification:                  Call-In/Intermittent Location:                                Turtle Mountain Tribe Supervisor:                             Lead Tribal Plumber...

Warehouse Technician

Job Classification:     Part-Time Location:                    USDA Commodity Warehouse Supervisor:                 USDA Commodity Warehouse Director Salary:                        $15.00 Opening Date:            Open Until Filled Closing Date:              Open Until...

Public Notices

60 Day Comment Period


The Turtle Mountain Agricultural Commission has drafted proposed Hemp Regulations in an effort to implement the Tribe’s Hemp Plan which was approved by the USDA in April of 2020, enabling the Tribe to cultivate hemp on tribal lands.

The Tribe through the Agricultural Commission will act as the regulatory and enforcement body for the Department once the Regulations are adopted. Please provide comments to the Turtle Mountain Agricultural Commissson by July 21, 2022.

Email all comments / questions to the Records Department TribalRecordsDept@yahoo.com

BIA Notice

Tribal Nations Land Buy Back Program

The Bureau of Trust Funds Administration is looking for you.  If your name or someone you know is on this Whereabouts Unknown List you have money, land or both on deposit in an Individual Indian Monies (IIM) account at the Bureau of Trust Funds Administration.   Please call the Bureau of Trust Funds Administration Trust Beneficiary Call Center 1-888-678-6836 to update the account.


Whereabouts Unknown List

Student Donation Request Form

Click below to download a Student Athlete Events / Extracurricular Activities Form. 

Fill out the form and be sure to include all backup information for the student’s event / activity, and return it to TMBC Finance Department at least one week prior to the date of need. If the form isn’t turned in within the time frame, doesn’t include backup, or doesn’t comply with policy requirements, the request will not be considered. 

Completed forms can be dropped off at the Finance Department, or emailed to TMBCI.Donations@tmbci.org

Stream KEYA 88.5 Live

K.E.Y.A. Radio is excited to announce that you can now stream your favorite local radio station online!

Click the link below to start streaming now

TM Times Online

Turtle Mountain Times Newspaper is going digital; subscribers will have the option for online and/or paper issues.

Click the link below to vist TMTimes.com

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