This Goals and Objectives were created based on a community based needs assessment.


Promise Zone Coordinator

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Goal # 1

Increase Economic Activity / Create Jobs

Establish a cooperative and collaborative economic system that increases business opportunity, leverages collective community strengths, assets and human capital and promotes combined, inclusive, zone-wide economic attractiveness and development.  Develop a Zone-wide job creation system that focuses on business incubation, acceleration, attraction and collaboration.  Emphasize cradle-to-career workforce development in tandem with education strategies.  Increase access to capital and expertise.

Objective: Establish Regional Economic Development Center, along with the Community Development Center, for crosszone resprentation.

Project: Creation of the CDC & EDC

Project Lead: Sherri Monette

Local Partners: Tribal Planning, Promise Zone, Community Development Finance Institute


Goal #2

Expand Access to Affordable Housing

Increase access to affordable, energy efficient and quality houses for individuals and families of all ages and income levels.

Goal #3

Improve Education Opportunities

The Promise Zone will coordinate, improve and implement a full continuum of cradle-to-career education opportunities and workforce skill readiness that aligns with economic strategies to dramatically increase Zone employment and brighten futures.

Goal #4

Reduce Violent Crime / Improve Safety

To improve safety and reduce violent crime that plagues this extremely remote border region due to rampage drug trafficking and abuse. Lack of adequate financial support for law enforcement and first responders, along with other harsh risks.

Goal #5

Improve Health & Wellness

Increase residents’ health, wellness and nutrition along with community environmental health through facilities, education and activities to encourage healthier lifestyles and community sustainability through the Zone. 

Goal #6

Improve Community Infrastructure

The Promise Zone will advance sustainable rural community development initiative and improve community infrastructure through systematic, strategic land use planning and infrastructure establishment.