Council compiles all possible projects and expenditures for COVID-19 relief funding through stakeholder involvement by requesting information from departments or programs and the community.


First, the council must determine whether proposed spending complies with the TMBCI COVID-19 Funding Principles to ensure compliance with tribal and federal funding regulations.

Second, the council must pass a resolution so that the proposed expenditures can be included in the budget exercise or budget resolution.


Formulating the budget is a separate exercise from the Authorization that requires a single separate resolution to adopt the budget. This step’s single resolution is also required to make all the COVID-19 related expenditures lawful. The final budget is enacted into one budget resolution by the council following normal council voting procedures. The budget is now the law and spending outside the budget is unlawful.

This step should also involve public meetings for transparency and accountability.


The council may determine and prioritize the order of expenditures, which must align with funding availability, keeping in mind COVID-19 funding at this time has an expiry date of 12/31/2020.


In this step, the chairman sees that the laws are “carried into effect”, and in this case the laws are: 1) the authorization, 2) the budget, and 3) the appropriation. In addition, the constitution and the TMBCI COVID-19 Funding Principles must be followed, including any rules imposed by the Constitution upon the treasurer, procurement procedures, and human resource requirements.


Phase 1 $45 Million in Appropriations to Prepare, Prevent, and Recover


Reservation Infrastructure


Public Safety


Public Health


Food Security


Tribal Member Wellness & Safety


Economic Development Recovery

18% Other: $8 million reserve for future COVID-19 expenses; $455K for legal and audit services; and $192K for tribal member outreach / education.

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