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Department:     TMBCI Lending Commission

Status:               Part-Time (30 hours/week), for a renewable term of 3 years

Location:           TBD

Supervisor:       Tribal Council

Salary:               $24.00 – $27.00

Open Date:        June 5, 2023

Closing Date:    June 16, 2023


Pursuant to the Turtle Mountain Tribe’s (the “Tribe”) sovereign authority, the Tribe has enacted a Tribal Lending Code (Title 43) and created a Tribal Lending Regulatory Commission (the “Commission”). The Tribe is seeking a Tribal Lending Commissioner (“Lending Commissioner”) within the Commission. The Lending Commissioner shall uphold the Tribal Lending Code, and work to ensure all lending operations by the Tribe and Tribal Entities are conducted in a manner that is fair, honest, transparent, and operated in a manner that is in accordance with the Lending Code and applicable Tribal Consumer Protection Laws. The Lending Commissioner acts independently and autonomously from tl1e Tribal Council and any lending operations. The Lending Commissioner shall fulfill the duties and purposes identified in Section 3.2 of the Lending Code.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure all lending operations by the Tribe and Tribal Entities are conducted in a manner that is fair, honest, and transparent.
  • Ensure all lending operations by the Tribe and Tribal Entities are in accordance with the Tribal Lending Code and applicable Tribal Consumer Protection Laws.
  • Provide consumers with timely and understandable information and protecting consumers in their interactions with the Tribe and Tribal Entities.
  • Work, correspond, and attend meetings directly witl1 Tribal Entities in the performance of the
  • Commissioner’s duties described herein.
  • Review applicable license requests under the Lending Code.
  • Work closely with the consultants retained by the Tribal Council to oversee the activities of the Commission, including compliance examinations of lending operations.
  • Travel to and examine on-site each licensee annually and more frequently if the Commission Considers it necessary.
  • Report relevant information to the Tribal Council while acting independently of the Tribal Council.
  • Develop communication and record-keeping systems, establish policies, procedures, and work processes to carry out Commission activities.
  • Work closely with other departments and agencies to coordinate activities and functions.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of Commission information as required by law; Perform other duties the Commission deems appropriate; and
  • Perform the duties herein in a professional manner.

Qualifications of Applicants:

  • Graduate with at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as but not limited to; Law, finance, accounting, or business and have at least 5 years of experience employed in leadership positions demonstrating consistent advancement.
  • Preferred candidates would hold an advanced degree.
  • Possess expertise, experience, education, or a combination thereof in lending, finance, management, business; governmental regulation, law, and/or Tribal policy.
  • Have familiarity with the Tribal Lending Code and applicable Federal consumer financing laws.
  • Possess the organizational abilities to effectively manage the business of the Commission and make decisions as a commissioner; and
  • The demonstrated ability to protect confidential information and exercise discretion in sharing information about official business.
  • Strong oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Analytical ability.
  • Must be able to work with professionals in law, finance, financial regulation, and business.
  • Proficiency in document creation and processing, which may include use of Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
  • The ability to understand tribal law, tribal jurisdiction, and Tribal Consumer Protection laws applicable to Tribal Entities.
  • Independent thinking, as well as a demonstrated ability to quickly synthesize complex information; and
  • Ability to act ethically and responsibly.

Important Notice:

Applicants that Possess the below Characteristics will be Disqualified:

  • Is currently serving as a member of the Tribal Council.
  • Possesses a financial or managerial interest in a service provider or a lending operation, except for an interest that derives solely from being a member of the Tribe.
  • Applies for or obtains loans from a Tribal lending operation.
  • Has a spouse, child, sibling, parent, stepchild, stepparent, mother-, father-, son-, daughter-, brother-, or sister-in-law, or any other person living with them or who is a dependent, who is a key employee or officer of a lending operation.
  • Was convicted of or entered a plea of no contest to any felony or a misdemeanor involving breach of trust or dishonesty in any jurisdiction; or
  • The Tribal Council’s sole discretion has a reputation, habits, or associations that could undermine the integrity or role of the Commission.

 The Commission consists of up to three commissioners who are nominated and appointed by the Tribal Council. Each commissioner serves a renewable three-year term, subject to removal for cause by the Tribal Council. Commissioner compensation is set by the Tribal Council.

All decisions regarding the appointment of any individual as Commissioner are in the. Tribal

Council’s sole discretion. Nothing in this job description alters, amends, or in any way changes the Tribal Lending Code, and in the event anything in this job description is inconsistent with the

Tribal Lending Code, the Tribal Lending Code controls.

 How to apply:         (Submit completed application to):


Personnel Department

Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa

P.O. Box 900

Belcourt, ND 58316


 For more information, please contact Elaine Nadeau, Lori Monette, or Jarvis Decoteau at 701-477-2600.

 The Human Resource Staff will not be responsible for incomplete applications.

 Indian Preference Statement

 Candidates for employment or career advances shall be hired, trained, and promoted without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or personal, political or religious beliefs.  However, preference shall be given in hiring in the following order between equally qualified candidates who are:


  1. Enrolled Member Veteran (10 points to be given to enrolled member veterans in screening process as follow: (see definitions)
  2. Enrolled member
  3. Other Tribal Member veterans
  4. Other Tribal Members


Veteran Preference

 Veterans and eligible spouses of deceased will receive special consideration for initial appointments for all positions being filled by the TMBCI.  The intent of this policy is to promote and bring deserved services and benefits to our veterans for the personal sacrifices they have made.  To be considered for a preferential treatment under this policy, candidate(s) must submit copies of verification documents to Personnel Office along with the employment application for eligibility determination purposes.  An acceptable verification document is the discharge of transfer report form DD214.



















































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