Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians

Tribal Government

Tribal Council

The Tribal Council consists of 9 members: 8 Council Representatives (2 per district) and 1 Chairman (at-large). They are elected by General Election on even numbered years. The Council Members serve two year terms.

Meeting Requests

In order to request a meeting with the TM Tribal Council ( Regular Discussion, Special, Open Public), you must download, fill out, and return the Meeting Request Form below, to Corey LaVallie, Executive Administrative Assistant.

Meeting Request Form

Open Public Meetings

OPM AGENDA.3-29-18   |   OPM Minutes Archive   |


Turtle Mountain Tribal Constitution

Click here for a copy of the updated Tribal Constitution


Open Public Meeting | April 2018

Regular Open Public Meeting - Monday, April 30th, 2018 10 am @ Sky Dancer Casino Events Center CALL TO ORDER - ROLL CALL - OPENING PRAYER - ADOPT AGENDA OLD BUSINESS: Chairman / Council reports Chief Financial Officer / Secretary-Treasurer Review - Approve Financial...

Tribal Council

Jamie Azure

Tribal Chairman


Roman F. Marcellais

Vice- Chair / District III Rep


Alice Lunday

Sec. Treasurer / District I Rep


Jim Baker

District I Representative


Lynn Gourneau

District II Representative


Stuart LaFountain

District II Representative


Don Keplin

District III Representative


Chad Counts

District IV Representative


Tyrrell DeCoteau

District IV Representative


30 Day Comment Periods and Public Notices

Written comments can be submitted to Tribal Records Department via email, fax, or mailed.

tribalrecordsdept@yahoo.com  | F. 701.477.0916
PO Box 900, Belcourt, ND 58316

Tribal Council 14 Month Update

Community Relations

At least one Tribal Council Member or Chairman has tried to attend community events – such as: Tribal Pow wow, Parades during Turtle Mountain Days, Dunseith Days, Family Week event, crisis meeting with School and Community members, and of course all designated Councilman and Chairman to the various Board assignments.

Public notices to various crisis situations have been in the local paper and on Tribal websites/Tribal Records site.

Our State an d Government Relationships are probably the best the Tribal Government has had in years. The State Government from Governor to all State agencies, the tribal to tribal relationship with the other four tribes in North Dakota and of course our contacts with our Senators and Congressman in Washington, DC. Communication has been important and accepted at all levels. We cannot forget our area Indian Health Service (IHS) and Bureau of lndian Affairs (BIA) located in Aberdeen, SD.


The Tribe hosted 2 Education conferences on January 2017 and March 2018 to meet requirements of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

All flow through dollars for High School 100-297 have never been held back during this administration time period.

Establishing new bylaws and policies for Board of Regents in near future

Tribe has been active in working with the State Department of Public Instruction, with the Federal Government for ISEP dollars and State Foundation Funds.

Will continue to pursue funding with State Legislature in 2019.

Working on getting the ISEP dollars reinstated for Trenton’s Eight Mile School District 6.

Fiscal Operations

When this Council & Chairman took office the Casino owed vendors approximately 1.8 million dollars we have since then have cut that bill to $600,000 of course this varies from month to month. Our goal is to have all vendors paid and up to date by the end of May 2018.

This is the first time Ottertail was paid on ti.me since we switched to them. The Tribe was paying between $10,000 and $20,000 per year in penalties for late payments.

The Tribe has also discontinued paying cell phone bills for Council & Chairman which is a savings of nearly $12,000 per year.

Our Goal Before the fall election is to have l/2 million dollar’s reserve in the Tribal General fund and 1/2 million reserve at the Casino. This will insure the Tribe and the Casino of stable financial report and audits in the future. We must always look to our future for our kids and grand kids.

Addition to the Courthouse through a grant to be completed this summer approximately $752,000.

Completion of a dam at Fish Lake and Gordon Lake this summer. This is a million dollar project funded through the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Of course, you may have noticed the Fatherhood program will continue for Four years. The grant was funded for nearly one million.

We are in trouble at the Housing Authority office for lack of funds to complete this fiscal year. We will be working with our congressional people and also the HUD offices both in Denver, CO and Washington, DC offices for additional funds to make it through this fiscal year. We need to make some tough decisions about our overall Housing issues. The decisions are not easy but must be made for entire Tribe.

The jail will have some renovations this summer. The Bureau of Indian Affairs will be funding this project.

The Hospital will have some renovations this summer. The projects will be funded by our local Indian Health Service.

The Diabetes program has been funded for 2 years. This has been great news.

Spent over 2 million dollars on the roads this past year. This was a grant from the federal government. We are currently trying to get more funds for our roads through federal grants, stimulus packages and infrastructure monies through the Trump administration.

Special Election Cost $54 70.12

Adopted Budget with guidelines for Medical Assistance which helps keep within Budget.

Creation/ Adopting Internal Control Policies/Fraud/Finance/Property/LIHEAP

OIG Responses for LIHEAP and Audit Findings(Finance/Property)

Budget put in place from December 2016 to December 2017. The Budget helped us get the Tribe out of the red and in the black. We are currently in the process of completing the current budget for the year. The budget will run from January 2018 to December 31, 2018. The January 2018 to December 2018 will be a balanced budget which will not over spend.

One big accomplishment in the past 15 months bas been our audits. We have completed three audits in the past 15 months which has made us eligible for various grants that we were not eligible for when we were first elected into office. We are now eligible for many grants and have been applying for the ones we are eligible. We will be submitting our Block Grant proposal once again after not being eligible to apply due to audits not been complete. Our audit for 2017 will be complete by April 30, 2018. The three audits which have been complete at a cost of$ 333,354. The audit cost for 2018 is expected to be greater then previous years.

Shakopee funding for $250,000 grant for the Community Development bas been received. The following are the projects for this grant:

Ambulance Expansion Project $158,000
Fire Department Equipment $37,000
Dialysis Expansion Project $34,000
Woodstoves & Ramps for Elderly & Handicap Program $21,000

It has been years since a grant has been received from Shakopee. We have rekindled the relationship with Shakopee and will continue to work with them on more grants to our Tribe. We are very grateful to the Shakopee Tribe for the received and hope to continue our great relationship with them.

Many people don’t know that the Tribe had to bale out the Casino back in January 2017 for the amount of $424,000. This money was mainly used for payroll to keep the door open at our local casino. This was taken from the Ramah funds.

That brings up other questions people have had about the Ramah funds. The previous Council and Chairman said we had 2.2 million in the Ramah fund. The Ramah funds were received before we were officially in office. We believe the people should know where the Ramah funds were spent – the list is here:

Casino $424,000
Payback Housing CD $700,000
Payback P2P CD $300,000
Annual & Sick Leave for previous Council & Chairman $150,000
Audits for the past 3 years $333,354
Phone Bill from past $70,000

Future Items

Census 2020 – important to count all people in Rolette County. Each person generates $1928.00.

This is for a 10 year period until Census is done again in 2030. Each person generates $19,280.00 for the ten year period – We need a I 00% count for Rolette County.

 The Third Party billing for what is called F-MAP. We need to draft a bill to be presented in the next legislation session 2019 to the State of North Dakota. This bill must be drafted and presented t the North Dakota House and Senate to be passed in favor of Indian Country to receive additional funding for our Health Care programs on the reservation.

Of Course, Jobs Jobs Jobs we must continue to create for our local people. The Manufacturing Plant is a start which should create numerous jobs for the future. We currently have a five year lease with Eagle Manufacturing Solutions.

Programs that should create a few jobs in the near future called Money follows the people.

Process and procedure for an applicant for a new correctional facility for both adults and juveniles. Our current jail is 59 years old and current facility doesn’t meet the needs of our community. Its time to start the process.

We so badly need a treatment facility for our community. This is another facility that we are going to pursue funding for in the near future. We are already in talks with various agencies in order to find funding for such a facility for a future treatment center to service our community here at home.

Working on the process and procedure for a new hospital, we are going to do whatever is necessary to bring a new hospital to our community. This will include modem equipment available. (computer systems, machines, reading devices, etc … )

Head Start (Dunseith) Modular Classrooms

BlueChip Restructuring – Adding additional Senior Management positions

Zest Financial Donations
1.  Skatepark
2.  Elders Gazebo at Retirement Home

IHS Cancer Infusion Center – South side of Hospital

Bureau of Indian Affairs

The Turtle Mountain Tribe has existed as an autonomous government within the United States because early treaties recognized the Band’s sovereignty. The United States government promised “health, education, and welfare” in exchange for aboriginal lands. This unique relationship gives rise to several institutions that manage these services including the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Heath Service. These institutions are the major employers on the reservation, with over 600 teachers, nurses, bus drivers, mechanics, road workers, janitors, cooks, policemen and others.

The United States Department of Interior funds the Bureau of Indian Affairs to manage the trust assets of the nation’s over 500 tribes. There are 12 Area Offices nationwide, responsible for recording, collecting and investing revenue generated by tribal treaties, lands and minerals. The Bureau of Indian Affairs has an Area Office at Aberdeen South Dakota, which serves the entire area of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and parts of Minnesota. Link

In the Great Plains Region, the Turtle Mountain Agency is responsible for the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa.

Tribal Enrollment

Membership in the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa requires a one-quarter blood quantum of Indian Blood. (This is due to federal law, and not the beliefs or traditions of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians.)

The Enrollment Office of the Turtle Mountain Agency of the Bureau of Indian Affairs is located in Belcourt, ND, and maintains the enrollment rolls for the tribe and is responsible for providing documentation of one’s enrollment.

For more information about enrollment, contact the BIA Enrollment Office at 701-477-6141.