Tribal Government

Turtle Mountain Tribal Council

Jim Baker

Dist. I Council Rep


Nathan "Puma" Davis

Dist. I Council Rep

Ron Trottier, Sr.

Dist. II Council Rep

LoAnn Jerome

Dist. III Council Rep

Bernice Poitra

Dist. IV Council Rep

Chad Counts

Dist. IV Council Rep

Brief FAQ

Tribal Government Overview

The Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians consists of a Tribal Council – 8 Council Representatives (2 per district) and 1 Chairman (Elected At-Large), and the Tribal Court system. The Tribal Council  meet once a month in an Open Public Meeting (OPM), with all other open-to-the-public meetings held at the Tribal Headquarters. Human Resource Meetings and Executive Sessions are closed to the public.

In order to request a meeting with the TM Tribal Council ( Regular Discussion, Special, Open Public), you must download, fill out, and return the Meeting Request Form below, to Corey LaVallie, Executive Administrative Assistant.

Bureau of Indian Affairs

It is the BIA’s responsibility to provide services to the Turtle Mountain Tribe and its members. The BIA’s objective is to develop solutions to complex problems, by integrating new and innovative ideas and concepts with existing BIA policy and procedures. The Superintendent is assisted by a Deputy Superintendent for Trust Services and a Deputy Superintendent for Indian Services in administering trust and non-trust functions for the Turtle Mountain Agency. The BIA provides services to approximately 30,100 enrolled Tribal members.

Lyndon Desjarlais, Superintendent – 701.477.3191


Tribal Enrollment Office

Membership in the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa requires a one-quarter blood quantum of Indian Blood. (This is due to federal law, and not the beliefs or traditions of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians.)

The Enrollment Office of the Turtle Mountain Agency of the Bureau of Indian Affairs is located in Belcourt, ND, and maintains the enrollment rolls for the tribe and is responsible for providing documentation of one’s enrollment.

For more information about enrollment, contact the BIA Enrollment Office at 701-477-6141.

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