Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians

Tribal Government

Tribal Council

The Tribal Council consists of 9 members: 8 Council Representatives (2 per district) and 1 Chairman (at-large). The are elected by General Election on even numbered years. The Council Members serve two year terms.

Meeting Requests

In order to request a meeting with the TM Tribal Council ( Regular Discussion, Special, Open Public), you must download, fill out, and return the Meeting Request Form below, to Corey LaVallie, Executive Administrative Assistant.

Meeting Request Form

Open Public Meetings

OPM AGENDA.3-29-18   |   OPM Minutes Archive   |

Public Notice – 30 Day Comment

A Public Notice is being provided for the following proposed revicions or additions to the following:

Additions to the Judicial Procedures   |   Title 2 of the Tribal Code: Section 2.0402 – Complaint; 2.0504 – Appearance; 2.0506 – Time; 2.0507 – Restraining Orders and Injunctions; 2.0510 – Special Rules Related to Real Estate   | Draft amendment to Title 2 with revision AEL

Written comments are to be submitted by mail to PO Box 900, Belcourt, ND 58316, by Fax: 701.477.0916, or by email: TribalRecords@yahoo.com

Please contact the Tribal Records Department at 701.477.2602, 477-2664, or 477-2677 if there are any questions.


Turtle Mountain Tribal Constitution

Click here for a copy of the updated Tribal Constitution


Tribal Council

Jamie Azure

Tribal Chairman


Roman F. Marcellais

Vice- Chair / District III Rep


Alice Lunday

Sec. Treasurer / District I Rep


Jim Baker

District I Representative


Lynn Gourneau

District II Representative


Stuart LaFountain

District II Representative


Don Keplin

District III Representative


Chad Counts

District IV Representative


Tyrrell DeCoteau

District IV Representative


Bureau of Indian Affairs

The Turtle Mountain Tribe has existed as an autonomous government within the United States because early treaties recognized the Band’s sovereignty. The United States government promised “health, education, and welfare” in exchange for aboriginal lands. This unique relationship gives rise to several institutions that manage these services including the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Heath Service. These institutions are the major employers on the reservation, with over 600 teachers, nurses, bus drivers, mechanics, road workers, janitors, cooks, policemen and others.

The United States Department of Interior funds the Bureau of Indian Affairs to manage the trust assets of the nation’s over 500 tribes. There are 12 Area Offices nationwide, responsible for recording, collecting and investing revenue generated by tribal treaties, lands and minerals. The Bureau of Indian Affairs has an Area Office at Aberdeen South Dakota, which serves the entire area of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and parts of Minnesota. Link

In the Great Plains Region, the Turtle Mountain Agency is responsible for the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa.

Tribal Enrollment

Membership in the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa requires a one-quarterblood quantum of Indian Blood. (This is due to federal law, and not the beliefs or traditions of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians.)

The Enrollment Office of the Turtle Mountain Agency of the Bureau of Indian Affairs is located in Belcourt, ND, and maintains the enrollment rolls for the tribe and is responsible for providing documentation of one’s enrollment.

For more information about enrollment, contact the BIA Enrollment Office at 701-477-6141.

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