Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians

Belcourt, North Dakota

Oshki Maajiitawin

Our Mission

Empowering our people to become better, and do better.

The Vision of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, a sovereign nation in the heart of North America, comprised of a people in harmony with our unique traditions and culture, is to achieve self-sufficiency, financial independence and healthy lifestyle through the knowledge and education of our most important asset – our people.

Pride of the Great Plains Promise Zone

The Promise Zone utilizes the place-based assets of its dedicated people, rich heritage, and high caliber partners to: Develop Economic Infrastructure; Create Diversity of Jobs; Improve Education and Workforce Development; Improve Safety and Reduce Violent Crime; Improve Health and Wellness; and Improve Community Infrastructure.

Develop Economic Infrastructure

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Establish a cooperative and collaborative economic system that increases business opportunity, leverages collective community strengths, assets and human capital and promotes combined, inclusive, zone-wide economic attractiveness and development.  

Improve Workforce Development

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Develop a Zone-wide job creation system that focuses on business incubation, acceleration, attraction and collaboration.  Emphasize cradle-to-career workforce development in tandem with education strategies.  Increase access to capital and expertise.

Improve Safety, Health & Wellness

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To improve safety and reduce violent crime that plagues this extremely remote border region due to rampage drug trafficking and abuse. Lack of adequate financial support for law enforcement and first responders, along with other harsh risks.

Increase residents’ health, wellness and nutrition along with community environmental health through facilities, education and activities to encourage healthier lifestyles and community sustainability through the Zone. 

Labor Market Stats

  • Population (City Proper): 2,048
  • Poverty Rate: 31.5%
  • Labor Force: 13,302

History & Culture

A look into the history and culture of the area and our people. 

Job Opportunities

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Miigwech Mawadish

Tribal Headquarters

4180 Highway 281
Belcourt, ND 58316

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