Turtle Mountain Region Digital Resource Guide

A Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Health Board Project


Quentin N. Burdick Memorial Healthcare Facility

P: 477-6111

Clinic, Hospital and Emergency

Belcourt Fire Dept.

P: 477-3185



Victims of Crime Assistance (VOCA)

P: 477-5614

 This program offers services to victims of crime. Services that can be provided are: Protection orders, restraining orders, personal advocates, assistance with housing, shelter and transportation.


Child Welfare & Family Services

P: 477-5688

Child welfare and foster care.


Little Shell Youth Shelter

P: 477-8612

Provides short and long term care for troubled youth who are involved with drugs and alcohol, who are homeless, who are adjudicated, and who are waiting for specific action by the court.


Hearts of Hope Shelter

P: 477-0002

Provides assistance to domestic violence and sexual assault victims. Services may include: shelter, protection orders & victim advocates.


Sacred Child

P: 477-5688

Sacred Child is an umbrella under Child Welfare. They work one on one with at risk children by providing home based services along with parents and mental health professionals. Transportation is also offered.


5th Generation

Glen Longie, Director

P: 477-3121   |   F: 477-8925   |   GLongie@outlook.com

5th Generation Chemical Dependence Program overall mission is to assist Native Americans, suffering from this disease, on their journey to recovery. Working together we can assist others to find meaning and worth in their life and restore balance, which will ultimately lead to peace and harmony. “5th Generation” is dedicated to the re-habilitation of all Native Americans suffering from chemical dependence.


Tribal Youth Alcohol & Drug

P: 477-8732 

This program offers services for youth, 18 years old and younger. They offer evaluations, UA’s and 1 on 1 support.


TMCC Substance Abuse Prevention Program

P: 477-7917

Provides alcohol, tobacco & other drugs prevention for the TMBCI.  They utilize 7 proven prevention strategies: Culture based preventions, alternative activities, enviromental, identification/referral, community based processes, and education & information dissemination.


Tribal Child Care Assistance

P: 477-3602 or 477-6295

A reimbursement program set up to assist low income families with childcare expenses. The program also registers for both tribal and state requirements to provide childcare services to our clients.


TM Vocational Rehabilitation Project

P: 477-5998

Provides services to individuals with disabilities so they can become and remain employed.



P: 477-9518

A non-profit corporation which provides individualized residential and vocational services to people with disabilities.


Adult Education Service

P: 477-7913

Adult Education programs serve adults who are at least 16 years of age; are not enrolled or required to be enrolled in a secondary school under State Law; and who lack sufficient mastery of basic educational skills; do not have a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent; or can not speak, read, or write the English language.


Turtle Mountain Community College

P: 477-7862

TMCC is nestled within the boundaries of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indian Reservation. Our main college site provides a breathtaking view of the beauty of our reservation. TMCC is located three miles north of Belcourt and nearly 8 miles south of the Canadian border, near the beautiful International Peace Gardens.


Tribal Scholarship Program

P: 477-8053



Tribal Employment & Training

P: 477-9393

 Works with TANF clients and recieves referrals from the county. Must be on TANF to recieve services.


Workforce Investment Act

P: 477-6011

A federally funded program designed to assist the poverty level applicant. All applicants and participants should meet the poverty guidelines. One can only participate in the program once every 3 years. The summer youth program has a work limit of 4-6 weeks, {Anytime between June 1st-Sept of each year} The adult program is generally offered throughout the year {July 1st to June 30th}


Commodity Warehouse

P: 477-3857

Provides commodities to TMBCI members. Hours:{ 8am-6pm} Monday-Thursday.


Turtle Mountain Food Pantry

P: 477-0036

 Hours: 9am-12pm . Tuesday & Thursday


Turtle Mountain Wellness Center {Fitness Center}

P: 477-6601

 An excellent place to work out, play basketball & hang out with friends. Hours: 7am-10pm, Monday-Friday & 12pm-8pm on weekends.


Byron Dorgan Wellness Center

P: 477-3474

Unique air supported dome with summer-like atmosphere all year round. Turf grass, 60 yard field, 200m track, various stationary equip.zorb balls, soccer equip., indoor basketball, saunas, stationary bikes, rowing machines, ellipticals, batting cage, bumper plates, squat racks, pull up rig, dumbells, medicine balls, jump ropes & so much more!


Tribal Health Education

P: 477-6120

This program emphasizes education, wellness and prevention to obtain optimal health for American Indians/Alaskan Natives.


Turtle Mountain Diabetes Program

P: 477-0060



Master Health Program

P: 477-5696

The IHS, Tribal and Urban Health Education Programs provide assistance to American Indian/ Alaskan Natives in the determination and improvement of their health status incorporation cultural beliefs, practices and traditions.  The program is committed to working in partnership with individuals, groups and communities in the provision of Health Services.


Community Health Representative

P: 477-5696

Responsible for participating in the delivery of high standard community health, treatment and surveillance programs in order to provide quality health prevention and treatment in the community. [Office hours are 8am-4:30pm, however, hours do vary depending on the patients needs.]


Melvin Lenior Dialysis Unit

P: 477-5915

[Hours: 6am-6pm]  Offers dialysis services to the Turtle Mountain Reservation.


Home Improvement Program

P: 477-2668

Provides housing repairs and renovation funds for homes and new housing for low income families.


Turtle Mountain Housing Authority

P: 477-5673

Provides housing to low income families.


Low Income Home Energy Program

P: 477-2668

Provides assistance to qualified applicants to recieve energy assistance.


TM Medical Assistance Program

P: 477-2600

Provides assistance for out of town medical trips. Funds are limited.


Healthy Start

P: 477-5778

Provides target case management for pregnant women, information for prenatal, postnatal & infant care available.


Turtle Mountain Car Seat Program

P: 477-5696

Educates families on the proper use of child restraints, to include the best practices to ensure the safety of the child who rides in the child restraint.  



P: 477-6436

 Income-based program for pregnant and breastfeeding women and for infants and children up to the age of five.


Healthy Families Home Visitation Program

P: 477-2656

Trained family support workers visit new parents to promote: pregnancy wellness, well baby checks, immunization checks, infant care and nutrition, parenting skills, positive parent-child interaction, stages of infant and child development, development screenings, child health and safety, positive support system, stress reduction techniques, breastfeeding promotion. The Healthy Families Program offers a variety of incentives to participants in the program.


Belcourt Senior Meals

P: 477-6609

Provides congregate meals for seniors, offers home delivery meals, transportation needs and care giving training.


Retirement Home

P: 477-5366

Has 80 beds and 3 lounges for members. Visiting hours are 8am-10pm. Office hours are 8am-4:30pm. Designed for residents to live their lives privately and be self-sufficient.


Tribal Social Services

P: 477-6147

Currently offers emergency assistance, burial assistance, and general assistance to tribal members residing in Rolette county. Available to individuals or families with low income or who are currently unemployed due to lack of jobs in the community.


Public Defenders Office

P: 477-0260

Provides legal aid to anyone charged with a criminal offense.


Tobacco Prevention

P: 477-7929

Designed to prevent tobacco use among tribal members through educational prevention and outreach. 


Turtle Mountain Transit System

P: 477-0407

[Transit hours: 7am-5pm  Monday-Thursday] safe, reliable and cost effective.

Tribal Youth Alcohol/Drug Prevention

P: 477-5812



Turtle Mountain Family Medicine

P: 244-5800

Clinic: Urgent care, well baby, immuniztions, Men’s and Women’s Health, Prenatal Care, Preventative Health Care, Geriatric Care, Sports Physicals

Heart of America Johnson Clinic

P: 244-5694

Heart of America Johnson Clinic’s healthcare professionals provide a full spectrum of care: prenatal, pediatric, sports, family practice, internal and geriatric medicine.

Cornerstone Addiction Services

P: 244-2299 / After 4 pm – 244-0579

Hours: 10am-6pm (Mon-Fri)

Offers 16 DUI Seminars, Individual Alcohol & Drug Evaluations, SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) Evaluations & has an outpatient license. In addition, Anger Management Classes & Evals also offered.


Dunseith Food Pantry

P: 278-0154


 Food Pantry serving low income individuals and families and emergency needs. Open the third Friday of each month from 1-3 and can contact Nancy Hanlan if an emergency need (701) 278-0154.

Dunseith Day School Wellness Center

P: 263-4636

Hours: 8 am – 8 pm

An excellent place to workout or play basketball. Tae-kwon-do classes also offered.


TMHA Dunseith Sub-Station

P: 244-5251

Provides housing maintenence for TMHA units.


West Haven Apartments

P: 278-0154

Rental assistance available. 8 one bedroom units in a single story building. Central hallways, community room, laundry facilities, and indoor mail service. Resident pays utilities with utilities allowance. Carpet, stove, and refrigerator included. Paved off street parking.


Garden Manor Apartments

P: 244-5610

Family low income housing.


Senior Citizens Center

P: 244-5483

Hours: 8 am – 1:30 pm (Mon-Fri)

The center offers outreach services, home delivered and congregate meals, recreational activities such as cards and bus trips, health screenings, and transportation..


Dunseith Community Nursing Home

P: 244-5495

This is a skilled care nursing facility, offering 30 skilled nursing beds and 5 basic care beds.



P: 244-5187

Tues-Wed- Friday {8:30am-5pm} WIC is a program for pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants, and children younger than 5. WIC offers healthy food for proper growth and development and helps families choose healthier ways of eating.



Northland Community Health Center

P: 246-3391

Clinic: Dental, Medical, Mental Health, Medication Assisted Treatment


Rolette County Housing Authority

P: 246-3421

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) and public housing.




Call Belcourt site to schedule appointment. WIC is a program for pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants, and children younger than 5. WIC offers healthy food for proper growth and development and helps families choose healthier ways of eating.



Presentation Medical Center

P: 477-3161

This is a 25 bed hospital. Offers: Swing Bed – Provides temporary short-term care for individuals who are not yet ready to return home following acute hospitalization. Additional services include: hospitality care, health services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, health education, social services information and referral, and outreach programs including mental health counseling and nutrition programs. The facility has a program called “Main Street Messenger”. This program is similar to Life Alert and Life Line. The facility is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Northland Community Health Clinic

P: 477-3111

Clinic; Immunizations, Preventative Health Care, Sports Physicals


Rural Mental Health Consortium

P: 701-385-4344

This program provides education on mental health topics, as well as psychiatric and counseling services to Harvey, Bottineau, Kenmare, Rolla, Rolette, and surrounding areas. The services of clinical nurse specialists in Adult/Geriatric Mental Health and Child/Adolescent Mental Health are available. Categories of services include: Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Health Education, Mental Health Services, Outreach Services, Senior Services, and Social Services. Included in the Consortium are St. Aloisius Medical Center in Harvey, St. Andrew’s Health Center in Bottineau, Presentation Medical Center in Rolla, and Kenmare Community Hospital in Kenmare.


Tri Care Home Health

P: 477-6232

Offers skilled nursing, home health aides, personal attendant care, IV therapy, and wound care. Counties served are: Bottineau, Rolette, and Towner. Someone is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Rolette County Social Services

P: 477-3141

Basic Care Assistance Program (BCAP) Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (Food Stamps) Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) (Fuel Assistance) Medicaid Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Job Opportunities and Basic Skills Program (JOBS) Applications for these programs can be made on-line or through the county social services office.


Rolette County NDSU Extension Office

P: 477-5671

Services: Consumer Education, County Departments/Offices, Disaster or Emergency, Disaster Preparedness Information, Disaster Services, Education, Extension Services, Flood Preparedness Information, Flood Victims, Government Agencies/Offices, Information and Referral, Nutrition Education, Specialized Information and Referral


Rolette County Auditor

P: 477-5665

County election officials, who are primarily County Auditors, are responsible to the Secretary of State for administering state election laws, rules, and regulations. Contact the County Auditors office for information concerning elections and absentee ballots.


DPCAA Rolla Food Pantry

P: 477-6188

Provides food to low income families in the Rolla area.


Rolla Senior Citizens Club

P: 477-5329

Senior meals and services. Rolla Senior Citizens Club meetings 2nd Friday of each month at center


Rolette County Senior Meals & Services.

P: 477-6421

Provides: Transportation, congregate meals, home delivered meals, outreach services, and information and referral services.
Service: Congregate Meals/Nutrition Sites, Home Delivered Meals, Legislation Information, Meals, Meals on Wheels, Medicare, Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Enrollment, Older Adults/Aging Issues, Older Americans Act Administrative Agencies, Outreach Programs, Transportation


Munroe Townhouses


P: 701-271-3207

Family Low-Income Housing. Four four-plex units. 8 two bedroom and 8 three bedroom units. Private entrances and paved parking with plug ins. Resident pays utilities with utilities allowance. Stove and refrigerator furnished. Townhouses are located at 111 Munro Drive.


Rolla Munroe Apartments NW

P: 701-271-3207

Northwest = Rental assistance available. 21 one and 10 two bedroom units. Central hallways, activity center, community room, washer dryer facilities, and indoor mail delivery. All utilities included. Carpets, stove, and refrigerator furnished. Paved off street parking.


Rolla Jewel City I Apartments

P: 701-271-3207

Low Income-Affordable : Low Income senior housing communities are senior living communities that offer affordable options to seniors with limited or fixed incomes.



Rolla Jewel City II Apartments

P: 701-271-3207

Jewel City II a peaceful non smoking community that is has near by shopping and senior meal delivery. Please call to speak with our friendly staff.



Rolla Police Dept.


P: 477-3610

Provides services within the city of Rolla.


Rolette County Sheriffs Dept.


P: 477-5623

Provides law enforcement services within Rolette County.


Parkview Assisted Living Community


P: 477-8888

Retirement and assisted living community.


Rolette County Public Health


P: 477-5646

All services offered are available to everyone within the county service area.

Disease Control and Immunizations: Immunizations for vaccine-preventable diseases are provided for all ages

North Dakota Health Tracks: assessments, screenings and immunizations for those under 21 and enrolled in Medicaid

Health Promotion and Maintenance: Community wellness activities, education, and health screening services

“Responsible Beverage Server Training: By working together, we can reduce
alcohol-related problems in Rolette County.”

Maternal and Child Health: School health programming and breast feeding support and best pump rental. Pregnancy testing, limited STD/STI testing.

WIC Program: Income-based program for pregnant and breastfeeding women and for infants and children up to the age of five


St. John

Birchwood Apartments

P: 477-5712

Office hours 8am-4:30pm.

Has 10 apts & 1 community lounge for residents. Like any retirement home, residents are able to bathe, dress, groom & prepare their food by themselves.


Senior Meals

P: 477-6421

Office hours: 9am-3pm Mon-Fri.

Provides meals for seniors, offers home delivery meals, transportation needs. Transit runs from 8am-5pm. Call for more info.


St. John Fitness Center

P: 477-5651

Office hours: 9am-9pm Mon-Fri.



Glasner Apartments

P: 701-365-5000

Subsidized rent available. 16 one bedroom units. Central hallways, community room, laundry facilities, and indoor mail service. Resident’s pay for own utilities with utility allowance. Carpeted units with stove and refrigerator included. Ample off street parking.




Rainbow Towers Apartments


P: 477-5673

20 Unit Apartment Complex, income based. Property of Turtle Mountain Housing Authority



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