Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held at the Tribal Transportation Building in Belcourt, ND on May 31st, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. regarding the issuing of an off sale beer/liquor license to Toni R. Parisien for the location of 4565 US Hwy. 281, Belcourt, ND, at which time the applicant will be present.

This hearing will be also posted through Facebook with a live feed on site.

In accordance with Title 19 Section 19.0112, No license will be issued to or transferred to any person, firm, or corporation to engage in the sale of beer or alcoholic beverages within the reservation without approval as to the location of said licensed business by the Tribal Council. A public hearing shall be held of said applications, with notice published in the official minutes of the Tribal Council two (2) times. At the time of the hearing, the Tribal Council shall in its discretion determine if said location is in harmony with the public interest and welfare of the community, and shall consider among other things the following factors:

1. The convenience of police regulation.

2. Public Health and sanitation

3. Proximity of other licensed businesses.

4. Proximity of schools, churches, funeral homes, public buildings, or buildings used by

or for minors.

5. Any protests of neighboring property owners or occupants.

6. Zoning regulations.

7. Proposed on or off sale, or both of licensee.

8. Interference with, or proximity to residential property.

9. Interference with neighboring property.

10. Suitability of premises for sale of beer, liquor or alcoholic beverages.

11. Public convenience and necessity.

Written comments may be submitted by mail to PO Box 900, Belcourt, ND 58316, by fax to 477-0916 or by email to Please contact the Tribal Records Dept at 477-2602, 477-2677, 477-2664, 477-2616 or TERO at 477-2662 or 477-2663 if there are any questions.

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