-Here’s to the Heroes of the Turtle Mountains
where we know it takes every, single, one of us, to put
the “
Unity” in “Community”

After last year, and everything the world went through, and what our own community experienced, this Turtle Mountain Days Celebration is time to celebrate those that kept our community going; those that endured throughout the toughest times to ensure our people were taken care of, that the systems of community continued, and that our way of life, here in the Turtle Mountains, was sustained.

So now we celebrate! We celebrate the ones we lost, we celebrate with those who are here, and we do what we do best here, in the Turtle Mountains, we survive… and celebrate our way of life.

Day 4

Monday July 12th

3 on 3 Basketball Tourney

12 pm
Boys & Girls Division
Grades 3-4, 5-6, 7-8
Middle School – Outside Courts

Click Here for Flyer

Teen Dance

8 pm – 11 pm
Mini Casino PL
Click Here for Flyer
Contact: Wylee – 278-9542 / Samantha – 278-0210


Postponed until later date

Check back for updated info

Day 5

Tuesday July 13th

Special Olympics

12 pm
Football Field

Contact: Carol Davis

Fireman’s Ball

2 pm – 7 pm
St. Ann’s Grounds
Click Here for Flyer

Day 6

Wednesday July 14th

Kids Day

11 am – 4 pm
Belcourt Practice Football Field

Petting Zoo Flyer
Contact: Kandace or Colleen
– 477-2658

Chow Down

Youth Watermelon Chow – 12 pm
Adult ChowDown – 1 pm
Belcourt Practice Football Field

Contact: Murton – 550-6590

Masked Hero Ball

5 pm – 8 pm
Fiddlers Hall

Click Here for Flyer
Contact: Jared – 550-7694 or
Teagan – 550-9819

Day 7

Thursday July 15th

Elder’s Day

12 pm – 6 pm
St. Ann’s Lower Cafeteria
*location change from the Flyer

Click Here For Flyer
Contact: Donna – 550-7846

Volleyball Tournament

4 pm
Horseman’s Bar

Contact: Kristy Zaste – 421-8715

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